Wednesday, August 1, 2018

2018 Snow Canyon Women's Soccer Team

A Big thanks to everyone who took the time to tryout this year. Below is the list of those who made the roster this year. If you are on this list make sure you are at the player meeting today at 3:00PM

Bingham, Emma
Boettcher, Anika
Bradshaw, Amanda
Brindley, Ashley
Brough, Kenzee
Bunting, Rachel
Burchinal, Sekada
Deming, Alex
Durante, Rachel
Fisher, Grace
Garcia, Arely
Graves, Breanna
Hart, Sara
Hurt, Daisy
Jensen, Tylei
Kunde, Alivia
Lindsey, Samantha
Losee, Jaicleyn
Losee, Jantzyn
Melendez, Adi
Nyberg, Ashlee
Reber, Jadyn
Rodgers, Megan
Scott, Lauren
Smith, Heidi
Smith, Jennesee
Sullivan, Brinley
Sullivan, Emma
Sumner, Ruth
Timmons, Megan
Whitehead, Taylan

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2018 Snow Canyon Soccer

2018 Snow Canyon Soccer